Finding a source of well-trained and reliable massage therapists who provide the services you need within your budget can be challenging.

Well Kneaded Massage understands consumers want options. Therefore, in addition to providing a variety of service options, we also provide you with options in locating and booking therapists. You may contact our therapists with numbers posted on their profiles directly. Call Now!! you are welcome to call our customer service office to schedule services for you.

Simply call now!!! 03-7960 6800

If you have any questions regarding massage therapy, contact the professionals now!

Massage Therapy (any technique) is a holistic therapy meaning it utilizes the total resources of the body to heal any specific condition. Like the body itself, no condition is permanent and therefore is subject to change. We believe that the most significant change toward healing comes first in a person's pattern of awareness. Massage or other holistic therapies allows the client to experience homeostasis, balance, harmony and relief thus giving them the key to unlock any limiting views of their experience and utilize new information to make a proactive change.

Which technique is best for you?
If you're serious about on-going treatment we recommend that you see one of our two primary therapists. Our primary therapists have over 10 years of experience and can use their fine tuned talents to direct you to the therapist he or she feels would work best for you. That session will include a full hour of hands on work as well as a 1/2-hour of questions. Upon completion of that session the primary practitioner will make a recommendation for a specific modality and a specific therapist.

On the other hand if you want to try a therapist at random, we trust that our therapists have skills that will allow them to quickly and efficiently access your goals and modulate their skill to meet your needs.


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