Get a significant knowledge on reflexology and massage of the foot with expert massage therapist, Andrew Lai, in his award-winning teaching includes methods which certified by International Standard Organisation ISO 9001: 2000.

Andrew provides detailed instruction, demonstrating the strokes and techniques on both the right and left foot and on different models: young and old, male and female. For the reflexology section, Andrew will discusses the body's physiology, contraindications (particularly geriatric concerns), history, and how the anatomy of the foot maps to each part of the body. The comprehensive massage demonstration shows techniques to work the foot and lower leg for flexibility, relaxation, and improved circulation. Your trainer's demonstrations show how to warm up the feet, work the "whole body" for balance, and focus on specific areas of concern. Such by treatments for diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, gastric, obesity, insomnia, cough, rheumatism, slimming, high colestrol, constapation, diarrhea, etc.”

The method also teaches that each of the maps has its own strengths and is more effective for affecting corresponding reflex areas. For example, someone with digestive complaints would receive a greater benefit from having the feet worked while another with shoulder pain would be given ear reflexology primarily.


Prohibition and caution for Foot Massage

Massager must ask the clients before massage, there are 5 conditions which massager will not give foot massage:

    More than 60 minutes after meal.
    During pregnancy.
    During has menstruation period.
    Heart diseases.
    Getting sicks.

Steps of massage

  1. Keep the patient calm and well relaxing before massage. In case patient is exiting or rushing, the mind, spirit and the activity of body are not organized. The result of massage will be not good.
  2. The patient will receive massage 1 hour after meal, otherwise patient may nausea and vomit.
  3. Wash feet before receive massage.
  4. Knead foot to sensitize the organs, rub and lubricating with cream or oil before massage.
  5. Uses the massage right hand pressure to the right sickness.
  6. Carefully massage on whole feet.
  7.  Hand and finger give better feeling than massage stick.
  8. Drink a glass of water after finish massage, water will dissolve the wasted substances from the body for excretion.