Reflexology is a complementary therapy that involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands, or ears. These points, known as reflex zones or reflex points, are believed to correspond to different organs, glands, and parts of the body. The goal of reflexology is to promote relaxation, balance energy flow, and support overall well-being.

Prohibition and caution for Foot Massage

​Massager must ask the clients before massage, there are 5 conditions which massager will not give foot massage:

-More than 60 minutes after meal.

-During pregnancy.
-During has menstruation period.
-Heart diseases.
-Getting sicks.

 Steps of massage

1. Keep the patient calm and well relaxing before massage. In case patient is exiting or rushing, the mind, spirit and the activity of body are not organized. The result of massage will be not good.

2. The patient will receive massage 1 hour after meal, otherwise patient may nausea and vomit.

3. Wash feet before receive massage.

4. Knead foot to sensitize the organs, rub and lubricating with cream or oil before massage.

5. Uses the massage right hand pressure to the right sickness.

6. Carefully massage on whole feet.

7. Hand and finger give better feeling than massage stick.

8. Drink a glass of water after finish massage, water will dissolve the wasted substances from the body for excretion.

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