Reflexology = My Health

Foot reflexology focused pressure on specific points, or “zones,” of the foot or hand utilize the body’s natural electrical energy to provide healing to parts, glands, and organs related to those points or zones. Reflexology massage helps stress, circulation, and metabolism.

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History of Tim Bodycare Training Centre:

According to [ACT 775] Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act 2016 gazetted on 10 March 2016. All practicing massage therapist must have SKM certificate. Good news, Tim Bodycare Massage Academy already as exam centre for SKM massage.com.my .

  • Established 2003 by Tim Low the founder 
  • Initially focused on massage therapy training
  • Expanded to include reflexology training in response to growing demand
  • Sought accreditation and certification to ensure high standards of training
  • Experienced significant growth and success over the years
  • Emphasizes personalized learning and practical hands-on experience
  • Graduates found success in various career paths
  • Continually updates curriculum to incorporate new techniques and advancements
  • Offers continuing education programs for ongoing professional development
  • Recognized as a leading training institution in massage therapy and reflexology

Should I learn REFLEXOLOGY?

  1. Interest and Passion: Assess your genuine interest and passion for reflexology and holistic healing.
  2. Skill Development: Consider your willingness to learn and develop the specific skills required for reflexology.
  3. Career Opportunities: Explore the potential career opportunities in reflexology and the demand in your area.
  4. Education and Training: Research reputable training programs and institutions that offer comprehensive courses in reflexology.
  5. Personal and Professional Considerations: Evaluate how reflexology aligns with your personal and professional goals.
  6. Client Interaction: Reflect on your enjoyment of working closely with clients and providing therapeutic touch. training enquiry: can whatsapp +60133986868

Massage Income


” Hands-on” Career Opportunity as Therapist.

​Becoming a massage therapist is an exciting, fun, and rewarding challenge in which you will experience life changing personal growth while creating a great career for yourself helping and caring for others. Massage is now enjoying a growing acceptance as an alternative healthcare. More and more people are seeking massage for stress relief and management of pain. Now, if you ever have a desire to make healthcare as your key to success? Call us now to discover FULL / PART TIME career/ business opportunities as a professional massage therapist.

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