There is a misconception about reflexology that is perceived as only foot massage and nothing else. But this article enlightens you and explains some facts about reflexology which could change your mind.


Your hands and feet have countless nerve endings which are all connected to the different parts of your body. Once you locate and massage the right areas of your feet or hands, you can stimulate the affected areas in your body. Those right areas on your hand or feet are called reflex points for the body. When the body system does not work appropriately, deposits of calcium, minerals, and uric acid may form in the reflex points which eventually prevents the proper circulation of blood. A skilled reflexologist can use massage techniques using pressure applied by their thumb and fingers to the reflex points on the hands, feet or even ears to break down these deposits and help restore normal functioning. By massaging the reflex points, the specific areas of body connected to those points will be relieved from pain or imbalance.


On the other hand, by normalizing your blood flow and calming the nerves your body is protected from stress-related illnesses. Because studies show that 75% of ailments and disorders are caused by stress. So Here's where reflexology comes in. 
Although reflexology may also be applied to the hands, most reflexologists prefer to treat the feet because they are bigger and are more convenient to massage. This is why most people mistake reflexology as just a foot massage. 
In a case that patients don't like their feed to be touched or looked at, Hand reflexology is the best option. But sometimes your hands are less sensitive because of overusing of your hands and it makes this type of reflexology less effective.


Because of side effects of other treatments, more and more people are interested in alternative treatments such as reflexology with no side effects. Reflexology may take a few treatments before you feel its effects, but soon you will realize that it is indeed useful and very effective. If you would like to learn where to apply pressure, and to which reflex points, reflexology pictures and charts are available. But if you want an in-depth training in reflexology, attending a reflexology training program or course is highly recommended.


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